Saturday, March 10, 2012


The only reason why I'm compelled to write this is because no one has the patience to hear me out otherwise. Maybe this is a waste of time and maybe I'm going to make absolutely no sense, but what matters is that I make sense to myself.

So I don't know if it was the alcohol talking, or would I have got the same reaction even if we were all sober. All that I do know is that the four of us (three plus one) did end up having the most serious conversation in the 4-5months I've known them.

What were we talking about- if it's OK to take one's life.
(This is sort of irrelevant but this started because I said something to the effect of  "I'm glad the guy who jumped on the track died. Would have been miserable if he had survived"- regarding this.)

Well, is it?

Yes. Why not? I mean all the time we're giving everyone a lot of crap about how its "our life", and only "we" get to make all the decisions regarding it. And we do this all the time- in front of parents (specially them; it's sort of become a trend to not agree with them. I see it happening all around me; I do it myself.), friends (actually, they mostly fall in the same bracket), siblings (who interfere in everything you do, wear, eat-everything! Mine does, all the time!), random aunties who think it's their moral obligation to tell you what (not) to wear, relatives who will tell you when and to whom should you get married, teachers who will decide when you can watch porn, or kiss, or have sex... Everyone has a say, in every thing that you do. And you don't like it!

So it's just simple logic. If you say "It's my life", I will (only logically) tell you "you have the right to take it."

There is this theory (I don't really know if it's a theory out there, but it's there in my head). So, the theory is that life is given to you, and no one has the right to take it (or something along those lines). Not even you yourself-because?

I don't know. I never found the answer.
Even if I did, it never seemed satisfactory.
Maybe that's why I don't retain it.


Bhaskar Pandya said...
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Bhaskar Pandya said...

I like your writing. To be honest I have been able to live my life the way I have wanted to so far. I guess one of the reasons is that I just don't happen to be in touch with those who are experts in giving free advice! I have been living away from home (family) for quite a while. Therefore, to put it bluntly, I get to do what I want. Alternatively, I could be fortunate in the sense that I haven't come across such people in my life.

I think, in order to live 'your' life I guess you might want to stay away from those aunties, for instance, who seem to have a moral obligation to advise people as you put it. You need to break free, travel to other places (if you haven't done that already) and live there if you can. Oops! did I just give u free advice? How ironic! lol ;)

Mishika said...

Thanks for dropping by. :)
And advice is always welcome.