Monday, January 12, 2009


Miles apart we continue to be, 
I'm still wondering if this gap will ever close.
For you, you know, I am (was) always there,
If only the same from you I could still suppose.

I thought (chose to believe rather) the distance would only make our love grow stronger.
Never knew your pain would be so much that you would refuse to take it any longer.

I long to gaze upon your face, to share a smile, an embrace.
But gradually I'm coming to terms with the fact,
You now belong to some other place.

Its not the same, I can see that clearly.
But still those expectations are not completely lost.
Or let's just stay I still have some hope left,
And trust me that hope costs me alot.

"It's all over and it is perfectly fine",
I say it to everyone almost all the time.
But not everything is as perfect as it seems to be,
Because someone still has to be convinced of this fact,
And that someone is me.

A smile on my face, a twinkle in my eyes.
Don't confuse it for happiness, Oh boy! I tell you.
It's there because there is still some hope, 
That one day it'll be "us" again, 
And not just a solitary me or you!

My eyes are filed with thousands of emotions, 
I wonder how can still see through!
Is it really that hard to accept 
That you mean to me more than I ever meant to you?

Or maybe it's just a way of yours, 
To keep yourself away from what is true.
And that little secret buried in your heart,
Is that you still love me too!!



abhinav"debris of euphoria" said...

nice...thots out in words..shows a rather hurt and soft side of yu...

Mishika said...

It just shows a side which isn't visible usually. But this is just random poetry, feeling less.

Rishabh Ladha said...

I dnt wana say

Mishika said...

And the fact that your not 'saying anything' says more than you ever could is not something that I don't see.

ishita-dasgupta said...


Rishabh Ladha said...

Its jst dat iv said it to u almost a thousand u jst dnt seem to undrstnd...nd m sure u nvr i reali want u to...der's a hell lot of diffrnc in sayin n doin...nd u jst say...nd dnt evn make n effrt to imply it...
i thot i'd giv up on it bt its not easy to c things goin dis

Mishika said...

@ishita: :D
@rishabh: If only you knew!

Rishabh Ladha said...

wil u pls temme smethn...u said u'd mail bt nthn...nd do u think i dnt noe...well i'm in blore currently...wil cal u once i gt to colg tomoro.....

Mishika said...

@rishabh: I din't have any time in the past week to mail. Going to do that now.