Friday, December 05, 2008


for the title: don't know what else to write. this entry can't be given any heading because I'm just going to vent out all that's been accumulating inside me for quite long now.

And I've really had enough, enough of all these people around me who (i am damn sure) have conspired to make my life hell. they just can't let me be. and that is majorly pissing off. please if you read this(since you're so many, at least some might just read it), get this straight in your head that i really don't need you in my life. and no this is not out of any ego bursts or something, just a very genuine thing that you're no longer required. even the thought of you depresses me so please, BUZZ OFF!! least for sometime, just let me be. that's the least i can ask you to do. i already have too much on my mind to deal with you and your nonsense(trust me it is utter garbage to me, because i really am not interested).

and why am i doing this on world wide web? well, of course because i don't really want any personal communication between us (me and all of you). so please oblige me by reading this and do me this big favor of vanishing for sometime. and thanks for spoiling yet another day of mine( I'm still wondering why i give you so much importance?you're worth nothing, trust me!)

so disappear before i have to say...POOF!!!!

p.s. written in an extremely pathetic state of mind but every word of it is straight from the heart and very genuine, and basically directed towards two people who would know if they read this.


ishita-dasgupta said...

:-| Kya ho gaya tujhe?!?!

Mishika said...

just irritated. had enough. now i'm okay :)