Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wasted Efforts

I spend almost all my time sitting in the chaupal. We have lots of dogs(and bitches) in our college premises. I've been around them for quite sometime now but recently(due to the circumstances), I'm somehow looking differently at the relationship these animals share.

There is this bitch whose is diseased. The area around her neck seems to have decayed. The fur in that part is gone and so the skin which was once under it is infected badly. But still the other dogs(or even us for that matter) do not discriminate against that bitch. The beautiful part about this (which compelled me to write about it) is that we all have accepted her the way she is. I fail to understand why is it so difficult for us humans to do the same? Why can't we come to terms with our flaws(and of others) and whatever other things we(and others) lack and be okay with it???????

And why can't some people be happy in being accepted the way they are?? When you are ready to deal with circumstances, the situation and everything that should have been there but is not, how can that 'other' person refuse to cooperate?? Don't they realise that efforts which are made by them to lessen our pain ultimately end up hurting us more than we can take??

We take decisions for our better, so why are we not able to come to terms with reality which follows after the decision as been made??

I'm lost, I'm confused and I'm hurt. I don't know what's happening or why is it happening and was it that necessary!!! Its sometimes best to be oblivious to reality, and this time its all I can and wish to do.

P.S. This might not make enough sense to all readers, but if you know me well enough then it definitely will.


kanika said...

trust me sweety!! makes all the sense in the world!!... :)

Mishika said...

I'm sure it does, at least to you.