Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Emotional Catharsis- Rediscovery of Self

Okay the title might sound a bit heavy but what we went through, trust me on that, was hell a lot heavier.
This was 2nd day of Bhawins’ workshop (details not required) where we were required to enact a scene describing some incident, object, thing, person, etc. etc. that influenced us in such a way that it changed us or our lives forever. Since none of us had prepared an act (or given much thought to it for that matter), we ended up recalling incidents that had changed us as a person.
The first person to go was Sana- Sana who I have always seen smiling and laughing and, till yesterday, emotionally the strongest in our group. She was in the wings for some time and when she entered, we could all sense that the incident she would narrate was a very emotional one. This is when the whole mood of the session- a very emotional mood, was set and by the end of it, suppressed sobs could be heard in that appalling silence. One by one we all went and talked about are experiences. It was beautiful to see how no one had prepared anything beforehand, yet the words seem to take their own flow. What struck a cord with all of us was the fact that how relationships-good or bad- change our lives in such a drastic way, the impact they have on us, and how we can’t get out these complexities, no matter how hard we try!
The saddest and the most depressing part was that we all had learnt from relationship that had not been successful; obviously the beautiful part being that we don’t regret them even though they failed because they taught us lessons about life which will be with us forever. Here I would like to quote Kaustabhi, “Even a diamond has to undergo exhaustive grilling before it shines the brightest.” So I guess after going through so much suffering, betrayal, pain and sorrow, we’ve come out as much more matured people. After all (damn! I’m so clichéd), all’s well that ends well!

P.S. Only I know how relieved I am after writing this piece. I’ve been trying to write about “relationships” for a really long time now, but in vain. I’m glad I could finally put something into words, even though it’s barely 10% of what’s inside me. The rest will come out, slowly but surely.


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