Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Whatsapp group chats can be the most annoying thing at times. It's not surprising that most of us have almost all the groups on 'mute'.

However, every now and then, some really interesting conversation happens, and that is what I'm reproducing below, with just the initials of the people who sent them. Some thoughts are mine, some are not.

It started with this early morning message from one of us: ('A')

P: I think the biggest mistake people do is to attach love to happiness. The last line of this is guilty of that. Detaching happiness from everything else is the only key to happiness. Love, on the other hand, is another Pandora's box all together!

A: Morning gyaan part 2. So true.

M: Second that, P. And a Pandora's box should never be opened

A: Pandora box full of love should never be opened.

M: It's Pandora's box, you can never be sure what you're signing up for, love or all kinds of evils and miseries.

A: #heavymornings lol

K: But happiness is temporary. Love is more prominent even if we don't understand it. One can be happy if he knows he is loved. When have you heard someone being happy while he is hated by everyone ?

P: K, tum bache ho abhi. Zindagi nahi dekhi. Happiness is ONLY in your control, and love is one of the ONLY emotions not in your control.

M: The opposite of love is not hatred, it's mostly indifference. And it's easier to be happy when people are indifferent towards you, lesser people to disappoint, lesser expectations to meet

S: Omg guys

M: Happiness is most definitely in your control. Couldn't agree more. The day you stop looking for happiness in love is the day you may actually find it, my friend.

S: Shut up

M: Hi S! Welcome!

S: Kaafi unhappy hai log. Baaki pyaar mein

M: Yeh last wala gyan on point tha, M. Kaun unhappy hai?

S: Jo sab itni happiness ke baatein kar rahe hain

M: S ne kuch padha hi nahi😂😂

S: Naaahhiinn. Itna gyaan

M: Gyaan is good

S: Apna hi zyaada pad jaata hai

A: Hahaha. I am loving this


I have very recently learnt to dissociate happiness from love, especially love that is built only on reciprocation from the other side. More than learnt, it's an art that I have developed over the last few months. I am a hopeless romantic, and by hopeless, I mean really really hopeless. I have lived in a fantasy world which is fueled by love. (Un)fortunately, I have had to finally get out of this bubble, more like kicked out of it and shaken to face things as they are. Luckily for me, things have only been better post that realisation. I'm less anxious, less dependent, less *insert other negative things*. 

25th birthday did some really beautiful things for me. This was one of them. (More about birthday in the next post.)
Silver lining on silver birthday. :)

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