Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Of this and that.

Hi, it's been a while, I know.
The 100 workout days never happened, 100 happy days did.

This is not about either. This is about what someone just said, something that went like "main apni phooti kismet par ro raha hun". (I am crying over my rotten luck)

And it made me think if kismet really means anything, and if it just not a result of all the rotten choices we make in life believing them to be right at that very moment.

Whenever Ma is giving me some gyaan, she almost always ends with "aur ye time kabhi wapas nahi ayega" (This moment is never going to come back). It is only now I realise how true it is. This time, 10.24pm on 21st May 2014, will NEVER come back in my life, and whatever choice I make at this point in time, I will have to live with it forever.

Kismet, luck, fate, destiny, or whatever else you call it is nothing but all the life choices you have made, all the 'what ifs?' that will never be answered and all the roads not taken. And it is when none of this works in our favour, we blame our kismet.

That. Just wanted to spell that out.
For my own future reference.

Sleep tight.


CRD said...

Hey! You're back.

LOL@workout. What on earth did you do in those 100 days then?

Aajkal time ka pata hi nahi chalta. My son was born in November, and six months passed by real fast.

I won't make too many comments about kismet. But I really think some people have a lot of good luck. Things simply fall into place for them. On the other hand, there are some who struggle a lot and a stroke of bad luck sends it all down the drain.

Keep blogging,

Mishika said...

I guess I am. :)

Congratulations! Father and all, haan!

Well, to each his own. Either my luck is rotten or I make terrible choices. I'll eventually find out.

Thanks for visiting!

9false said...

You write so well

Mishika said...

Thank you :)

9false said...

Have you any thoughts on feeling of inadequacy.
How does that creep into a mind
and persuade it into making
rotten choices.
i.e feeling upto naught

i mean choices are afteral made by conscious.
bt wat if
that conscious is overwhelmed by all the negativity in the subconscious.
how do you deal with negativity?

Mishika said...

You stay away from it. :)