Saturday, February 01, 2014

#100WorkoutDays #Day1

Firstly, I feel like an idiot for disappearing, again! After all that gyaan I gave here, and to myself, in October, I still didn't find time to come back to this.
Secondly, it's both a shame (because I'm blogging because I have to) and a good thing that now I will HAVE TO post everyday, since I have taken up the #100WorkoutDays Challenge. It's not really a challenge per se, more of something I'd been wanting to start since a really long time, and today was as good any other. I hope I survive the challenge. :)


07.00am Trrrrrrrrng! (Alarm)
07.05am Trrrrrrrrrng!
07.10am Trrrrrrrrrng

Damn, it's February 1!

And finally after days, weeks and months of postponing, I started working out. First day was good, I finally started! I did not do much, mostly tried to get my muscles to warm up for what's coming. 100 squats, some more warm up, some jumping jack, and I was set. Except, I wasn't.

So the worst part about today was the long flight of stairs I had to take while exiting IP Metro Station. For those of you who travel by metro, you may have an idea of what I am talking about. Anyway, the point is that my muscles were so stiff by the time I left for college that I could hardly move.The worse was coming down the stairs. At one point, it seemed almost impossible!

I have somehow got through the first day, and will hopefully rise and shine early tomorrow as well. However, I do feel stupid about starting on a weekend. Bye bye late Sundays, hello early morning workouts! And the tummy ache since yesterday evening isn't helping either. But, if I don't continue with this tomorrow, I know I will slack again.

So wish me luck, and hope that I can pull this off. I'm not expecting a very major before and after difference (considering I don't have much weight to lose; I'm 46kgs), but I will post a #Day100 picture, for sure. :D



CRD said...

In mumbai, travelling by local trains is a 'great' way to exercise.

It has em all...cardios (running to catch the train), weight training (jostling for space) and steam baths (no need to explain this one).


Updated my blog, do drop by

Mishika said...

Hey hey hey, I have the same feeling about Delhi DTC. (un)Fortunately, I don't get to travel in it anymore. Anyhow, I am liking this workout thing. Preps you nicely for the rest of the day.