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Odd, she thought, how intensely you knew a person, or thought you did, when you were in love- soaked, drenched in love- only to discover later that perhaps you didn't know that person quite as well as you had imagined. Or weren't quite as well known as you had imagined to be.

In the beginning, a lover drank in every word and gesture and then tried to hold on to that intensity for as long as possible. But inevitably, if two people were together long enough, that intensity had to wane. It was the way people worked, with the need to evolve from being sick with love to making a life with someone who was also changing, evolving.


Neutral said…
When one knows that the intensity will wane, yet each one will regain the intensity again albeit with someone else. Why not crawl through the lull with the same person till you regain the energy to be intense again?
Mishika said…
My thoughts, exactly.
Neutral said…
First thought: There is someone somewhere for everyone, you need to keep looking till the time you find the person right for you to be in love with.

Second thought: Its not the person you need to find to love, its love that you need to find in the person you are with.

So by agreeing with me, you believe that one should find love in whoever they are with rather than find the person who is right for them?
Mishika said…
If you are in love with them, doesn't it automatically translate to them being right for you?
Although right now I am compelled to say one can fall in love with the wrong person as well, though they seem 'right' till the time you are 'in love' with them.

P.S. 'in love' mostly because I don't get how you fall 'out of it'.
Views Neutral said…
Interesting frame of mind. It seems that you are in between thoughts right now.

The phrase "Being in Love" allows for the opportunity to "Fall out of Love" both being creations of youth, where infatuation and lust are repeatedly confused for love.

"To Love" does not demand being together and unending intense feelings as we discussed earlier, it warrants positive thought for the other irrespective of situations, emotions or external factors.

Do not be in a rush, you are a young, beautiful and thoughtful person. Love will find you, and when it does, there will be no doubts, no explanations and no compromises.
Mishika said…
I hope that time comes soon. :)

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