Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sometimes we take ages to get attached to people, and sometimes we don't even realise how close we have come.

The person I am referring to over here never had a significant role in my life (or so I thought). We interacted for a brief period of time and although we both had a liking for each other, there was no special bond between us that I could see or feel. And then came the news that she was leaving, going to a different place, leaving everything behind. As expected, I did not feel any great loss or sadness because of this. The days that followed the news were very much routine.

It was only in her farewell (or fair well, as we all choose to call it) that I realised how very much I was going to miss her. I thought it was just on the surface that I was feeling bad, because everyone else was in that kind of a mood, but it was only later that I realised how much I wanted her to stay. I tried to hold back my tears, but the streams refused to stop flowing. I tried to gather courage to go and tell her how much I'll miss her, but in vain.

All I could do was feel the pain of separation surging inside me, without being able to figure out when that special bond had been formed between us. And just see her leave, go away from our lives just as uneventfully as she had walked in. Only this time, I felt I was loosing someone I had admired and loved always.

If you ever read this, all I want to say this is that I miss you a lot. Please keep in touch. :)

P.S. Most of the people might not know who I am talking about, but those in college will surely guess.